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Leaked Motorola Sholes Returns, With a Disturbing Lump in Its Side

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Looking awfully similar to a recent leak, the Chinese-for-now Sholes has leaked yet again. It mostly looks like the same device—except now we can see it's got some kind of upsetting tumor on its right side.


The phone (or tablet, as it's sometimes called for some reason), similar to the Droid but lacking a keyboard, is said to have a 3.7-inch screen, FM radio, and HDMI port (though we can't see that in any of the pictures), running Android 2.1. Android 2.1, by the way, doesn't look different from Android 2.0 in the pictures, though apparently it's faster and more stable. It's also clearly shown here as having a 5MP camera, like the Droid, and not the rumored 8MP camera.

It's also now clear that it's got some sort of unfortunate medical condition on its lower right side that results in a weird, asymmetrical but not ergonomic lump. What's it for? A radio antenna for OTA TV? The HDMI port? Who knows, but I hope it sees a doctor before coming Stateside, if it's headed our way. [Androidin via Engadget]