Leaked New Nexus 7 Reveals Specs and Provides Benchmarks

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There have been more leaks of Google's new Nexus 7 than you'd expect from a broken colander—but now Android Police claims to have gotten its hands on one and benchmarked the thing.

Android Police reports that it's gotten its hands on the new Nexus 7. It reaffirms that the new seven-inch device features a 1920 x 1200 screen—reported as 1200 x 1824 by the OS because of the on-screen nav bar—which works out to be 320ppi, pixel density fans. Inside, there's apparently a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core, which is the exact same silicon as the Nexus 4 runs.The tablet also appears to be sporting just 2GB of RAM as opposed to the 4GB that some rumors have suggested.


The device handled by Android Police was, apparently, running Android 4.3 from the off, labelled as build JWR66N. As you'd expect from the site, it eagerly ran some benchmarks to see what the kit could muster in terms of performance. You can dive right into their analyses if you want, but the general take home: the Nexus 7 seems faster than the Nexus 4, but can't quite keep up with HTC's One. If all of this is accurate, the results sound about right—especially given that the Nexus 7 is expected to cost just $230. [Android Police]

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Does anyone understand why this 7" tablet costs $230, but a similar smartphone costs $500??