Leaked Photos Show the New Moto 360 May Come In Two Sizes, Like the Apple Watch

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The first smartwatch to get us excited about Android Wear last year, the Moto 360, is due for a new version. In new leaked images of the supposed update, we’re getting a look at what appears to be two different versions of the smartwatch.

People are colloquially calling the rumored watches the Moto 360 Large and Moto 360 Small—not exactly the pithiest names, huh? The Apple Watch was the first to come in different sizes, and in principle, this idea makes sense. Designing a single product for every wrist in the world is impossible. Above you see the 360 Small next to last year’s Moto 360. Below, we see the 360 Large.


In another notable design change, the images show the crown button placed up at about 2 o’clock instead of at 3 o’clock.


We don’t know too much else at this point. Important questions include whether the upgraded 360 model(s) will retain the “flat tire” display that doesn’t fill up the entire round watch face. (Which was dumb.) We’ll also be looking to see if Motorola has improved the watch’s battery life. (Which is critical.) We expect to hear more soon, though we’re not sure when. At the very least, we can look forward to Samsung’s enticing new Gear S2 at IFA next week.

[HellomotoHK and Imgur via Droid Life]