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Leaked Screenshots Support Samsung Galaxy S IV Auto-Scroll Rumors

Illustration for article titled Leaked Screenshots Support Samsung Galaxy S IV Auto-Scroll Rumors

These leaked screenshots add a smidgen of weight to the New York Times rumor which suggested that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV would offer smart auto-scrolling by tracking your eyes.


The screenshots, published by Sammobile from an unnamed sources, need to be taken with a grain of salt. But if the images are genuine, then they suggest that the phone will offer a highly customizable auto-scroll feature—that you can choose to use in particular apps and adjust the speed of—as well as a smart-pause feature, which stops video if you look away.


How useful those features would be—and how well they'd be executed in practice—is unclear. If, of course, they even exist. Oh, and one last thing: Sammobile also says that the images back up claims of a 1080p display. Well, not long to wait before we find out now. [Sammobile via Sammyhub via Engdaget]

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"pauses video when it detects your head moving away from the screen"

So I'm going to have to stare at that static album cover art picture on YouTube videos otherwise the song will stop playing.