Leaked Sony Ericsson "Alona" and "Bei Bei" Cellphones

Just ahead of the big Euro phone show, Mobile World Congress—which our fearless leader is en route to—we've got what looks like leaked snaps of a pair of new Sony Ericssons. The smoky number, Alona, stands out from standard SE design, with an LGish outer coat but very Japanese interior. It's hard to discern thickness, but if it's blocky as hell, then it would definitely be in the Japanese design camp. A peek under its skirt and at the "Bei Bei" candybar this way. Update: No pics of these, but German site SE World pegs two more chick-codenamed touchscreen phones, Tyra and Josephine.


Bei Bei's a little more standard SE fare, but we don't know the spec sheet yet (on either phone) so while it looks like a low- or mid-range model, it could in fact turn out to be a bit more impressive, maaaaaybe.

Tyra (G900i) reportedly has a 2.6-inch touchscreen, a 5MP camera and Wi-Fi, while the lesser model, Josephine (G700i) drops the Wi-Fi and only packs a 3.2MP shooter. Sounds like we'll see a verrry interesting lineup at Mobile World Congress. [Electronista, SE World]


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