Notes: Power Usage

My electric bill for December was intense. I was out of the city two weeks of the month, and it was still $175. I live by myself in a one bedroom in a moderate climate. I think I need to start unplugging all my power strips when I leave home. Except the Sling, cable modem, router and TiVo's power strip, of course.

That Valentine one radar detector I bought cost $400. Initially, I was upset because I heard the Bell STi was many times more sensitive than the Valentine One, according to a wonky radar detector test site. Last night, I drove back to SF and avoided two tickets. And on the way to Palo Alto to meet with some industrial designers for a future project, I avoided two more from the state troopers on highway 280 that seem to flip their radar on and off for split seconds before pacing and pouncing on their Silicon Valley prey. And I realize that I don't need to know when cops are more than a mile away; the Valentine's sensitivity is fine. The Bel would drive me crazy with its sensitivity. And the V1 paid for itself in less than 24 hours. (Not that I'd pull a Bill Gates and get pulled over multiple times in a single roadtrip.)


I'm headed to Madrid tomorrow to see Jesús and Addy for the first time. From there, we'll get over to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress for some cellphone action. You guys excited for the show?



Check the fridge- an inefficient fridge can be a power hog.

Halogen lights are also power hogs.

AC is another device that pulls a good amount of power.

TV's can also pull power- but I bet you have a super efficient flat screen.

My big guzzlers are my heater (an efficient electric oil heater) and my fridge. My laser printer peeks high (tripping my UPS as it draws a huge amount of power at start up), but when sleeping it uses next to nothing. One of the nice things about banishing TV from my is my electric bills dropped.

As far as radar detectors- the faster you go, the more gas you burn. So, is it important to practice car zen when driving to help reduce energy consumption?