How Can the Valentine One Still Be the Best Radar Detector?

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I have to buy a radar detector before snow season starts and the Tahoe PD start crawling all over my ass. For a long time, I'd wanted a Valentine One. I knew it was supposed to be the best a few years ago, but was shocked to see that was still the case today when Alex Roy mentioned he'd used a Val One in his blistering coast to coast record breaking drive. Why is there no march of progress here?


I read the website and I still don't know what's made them so good. I hear the Valentine Ones are upgrade capable, but there's only so much that software can do. And is it really the case that no one from Cobra or Bel or Passport can catch up? Couldn't they make a slimmer one or something? And how did they test these things in the first place? That's one gadget assignment I wouldn't take. How does anyone really know it's good? Are we playing into an urban legend? Aren't you just screwed anyhow if the supertroopers pick you off with a controlled blip of a radar or laser gun? I don't know, but I feel like my insurance is going up just thinking about this stuff. UPDATE: Patent on 360 degree detection? Really? Wait, no.[How to Comment and Valentine1]


I have a V1, picked one up after I went on a 400 mile drive with a friend to Mammoth and theirs picked up every California Highway Patrol car on the way. At least in California, I would definitely vouch for one. All the cops here seem to drive around with their radar always on. I think they have a voice readout in their car that tells them how fast cars are going, so they just keep them on. As long as you have some light traffic in front of you, it's enough for the radar to bounce off and hit your V1 in time for you to slow down. I haven't seen a single cop on the roads here before my V1 has picked them up, and I've had mine for a year and a half now.

I don't understand what it is you want. It's not that large, and it works. Don't fix it if it ain't broke.