Leaked Verizon LTE Modems "Coming Soon"

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Two Verizon LTE modems from LG and Pantech have leaked out in an ad that all but confirms the promised 38-city high-speed wireless network activation has all but arrived.

The only downer for LTE aficionados appears to be that these two LTE modems will be on the husky side in terms of their size. As early arrivals on the LTE new technology scene that's unsurprising, of course, and you should expect slimmer, sexier modems as the service—and manufacturers—get a bit more savvy.


Anti-LTE and 4G skeptics are invited to roll their eyes at this news and read our feature on why today's 4G isn't really 4G. [Engadget]

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i just hope LTE hits the latency promises.... i have Clear/SPrint WiMax and while i love the bdanwidth (12+mbps), my latency is consistently in the 150-250ms range which is borderline for gaming and voIP