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Learn the Ridiculous Name of Every Animal in the Star Wars Universe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Look, it’s a rancor! Aaa!
Look, it’s a rancor! Aaa!
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

Don’t you want to know what a falumpset is? I bet you do.

In the latest video in the Star Wars By the Numbers series, the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel runs down the name of every single non-sentient animal seen in the films. There’s the ones you’ve heard of, y’know, your tauntauns and your sarlaacs and your krayt dragons. But there are others. Many, many others.

Listen, I’m certain every little part of Star Wars is carefully thought out, and legions of designers, sculptors, animators, and writers created what we see on screen. But some of these names, y’all. Here’s my top five for most ridiculous Star Wars animal names.

  1. Can-Cell
  2. Thwip
  3. Gorg
  4. Haa
  5. Frog-Dog

The frog-dog! It’s a dog who’s a frog! A frog who’s a dog! I love Star Wars.

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