LED Blades Turn This RC Toy Helicopter Into an Airborne Messenger

Sometimes well-placed propaganda is the strongest weapon of all. So the folks at Brando have come across what could be the most dangerous RC toy ever devised, armed with an extra spinning rotor that displays custom messages. Because a foam arrow to the eye doesn't hurt nearly as much as the revelation that "Jason smells like poop."


The $40 RC helicopter doesn't look that different from all of the other RC flying toys you can buy, with the exception of a small additional rotor blade covered in a strip of LEDs that lets it display glowing red persistence-of-vision messages to those watching it from below. It even comes with what appears to be a fairly robust piece of software for programming the heli to display whatever you want.

In a time of office war you can use the toy to insult your enemies, intimidate your foes, or spread lies about those who oppose you. But in peace time it's probably best to go with a more informational message like "Be careful, I'm probably going to accidentally crash this thing very close to you." [Brando via Technabob]

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