Lee Press-On Nails and, Oh Yeah, A Phone

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Time and time again, mobile phone makers have talked about how they see handsets as important fashion accessories, on par with tying a red bandanna around your knee. Well, maybe not that cool, since most of these fashion-first phones (remember Xelibri?) have failed miserably. But Taiwan's BenQ has taken an interesting approach by including HOT acrylic press-on nails with its Qube phones.

Wait, those nails didn't come with the phone? We're supposed to believe that some hip Taiwanese girl's going to paint her nails to match her mobile? Oh. In that case, never mind: the Qube's a funny-looking little phone/MP3 player/1.3-megapixel camera with a keypad that makes the Nokia 3650's look like the height of usability. — CL


BenQ Qube Z2 [Shiny Shiny]

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