LEGO Bass Guitar Is Funkylicious

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I see this funkylicious bass guitar made out of LEGO and I'm all like waka-waka-waka-waka-waka and then I'm like wonk-waka-wonk-waka-wonk-wham-wham and my head explodes imagining Les Claypool playing it while sailing on a sea of cheese. The bass is real, with a Jazz Bass neck. Its creator says that it "sounds a lot like Flea's bass from the Chilli Peppers," which will probably make Frucci want to buy it, and learn to play. And then we will form a band, with me playing the amazing Angel Sword guitar and Jason playing drums. And we will call it Bricky Stardust and the Amazing Dildos from Mars. Or something like that. [eBay - Thanks Spiders]




As interesting as it looks, I'm afraid I have to call BS.

There's no way an instrument made entirely of Legos would stand up the the strain of four bass strings.

It may be Lego-covered, but there must be some kind of sturdier structure underneath.