Lego Batman takes to the streets on this brilliant R/C Technic Batpod

Polish Lego fan Sariel's created an outstanding bit of vehicular design with this teeny Batpod from The Dark Knight - not only is it made entirely out of Lego and Technic pieces, it's fully powered for R/C control and flashing lights too.

It's not the first time Sariel has crafted RC Technic vehicles from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy - he's already recreated the Tumbler and The Bat - but the Batpod itself is a great piece of design, not just for the faithful recreation of the vehicle, but the fact that it also packs in a lot of electronics in its tiny plastic frame. Hidden amongst the Lego bits are two motors and a battery, as well as LEDs in the Batpod's cannons. Check it out in action below:

Take that, little Lego Joker.

[, via The Brothers Brick]

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