Lego Blade Runner Spinner Video Makes Us Drool to Dehydration

The always fascinating and outworldly Xeni Jardin points us to this video of the Lego Blade Runner Spinner. She wrote: "Guys, you posted a while back about the badass one of a kind LEGO spinner car from Blade Runner that Joel Johnson spotted during the BBtv shoot at Syd Mead's studio. We cut an episode about it, check it out!" Actually, what Xeni meant to write was: "Witness Joel Johnson getting a stiffy touching Syd's Lego Spinner." I can't blame him. In his own words:

A one-of-a-kind official LEGO version of Mead's "Spinner" flying car from Blade Runner, presented to Syd by LEGO when he attended a design summit in Billund. Syd let me pick it up and swoop it around my head like a child.


You should have ran away with it, Joel. Crime pays. They are still looking for their Galaxy Explorer at the Lego Secret Vaultin Denmark. [Boing Boing TV]



I've always liked the Spinner's design. After seeing The Tumbler (new Batmobile) in Batman Begins I recognized the front wheel design from the Blade Runner vehicle. With a little rear end redesign and a lot more armor a Tumbler version could be made using most of these Lego parts as well.