Lego Ghostbusters is now official!

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Attenshun, Lego and Bill Murray fans all over the world! Start saving because the Keymaster has finally met the Gatekeeper and Gozer the Gozerian has materialized at Lego's headquarters in Billund, Denmark: The 30th Anniversary Ghostbuster set—designed by Lego fan Brent Waller— is going to be an official Lego product.


Update: I was so excited that I failed to see that it's not the entire set. Sadly, it's only the Ecto-1 and the minifigs, not the building. WHY LEGO, WHY? Maybe if the car sells like mad they will make the building two as an extra set. It could work great with the rest of their Creator buildings.

Here's the official announcement:

I can only hope that the Lego designers don't screw it up like they did with the Back to the Future DeLorean. Even if the car doesn't light up, I would be happy if they keep all the detail.

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Lego didn't screw up the DeLorean. The problem with the original concept was that it was not a feasible build at all. I see a lot of builders nowadays create stuff that looks incredible in photos but is barely held together. Forget about playing with a lot of these builds, just picking them up causes them to fall apart. The BTTF concept had the same exact problem. So from that perspective Lego did an incredible job of capturing the spirit of the original, accommodating the variants and still keeping the set under $35.

Not that I didn't take it upon myself to make improvements to the DeLorean: