Lego Mariners Realize, Destroy Universal Childhood Fantasies

Everyone who's grown up with Legos has mused about the limits. Could I build a car? A house? A boat? Now you can tell your inner child: Yes! Just don't let him watch the end.

Japanese boy band Arashi constructed a boat capable of keeping the whole group of four afloat, assisted only by the natural buoyancy of the boys' whimsy. It worked! For a while! Then, as you can see for yourself, things fell apart disastrously. The only salve I can offer for your bruised, waterlogged dreams is this: Japanprobe thinks the Legos are knockoffs.


OK good, now that we've got that settled, next we shall conquer the sky! And by we, I mean Japanese boy band Arashi. [Japanprobe]

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This was one of the best videos I've watched in a long time. Thank you for restoring my faith in the internet. Okay, back to meatspin.