There have been rumors of a massive new Star Wars set based on Echo Base from Empire Strikes Back for ages now, but they’ve finally been confirmed: Lego have just announced a gigantic new set jam packed with so much goodness even the smell of Tauntaun insides couldn’t ruin it.

Assault on Hoth contains over 2,000 pieces and 14 minifigures, and set you back a hefty $250 when it releases in April. The set is composed of several vignettes based on scenes from the movie, from the defensive trenches set up to repel Imperial attacks, to the shield generator and Ion Cannon, even a Snowspeeder and the Wampa cave get represented.

Each piece is designed to be modular, so they can be slotted together and displayed however you want—even the Rebel’s turrets can be swapped around as you see fit. But as ever with Lego, even in the biggest sets, the stars here are the minifigures.


The Imperials might only get two snow troopers, but the Rebel Alliance get some great generic Hoth troopers, as well as such “you recognize them but would have to look up on Wookieepedia to remember”characters like Toryn Farr (the woman who controls the Ion Cannon in the movie), Wedge Antilles, and Wes Janson (he of “Good shot, Janson!” fame). You also get an Officer, Luke and Han in their Hoth gear, a Wampa and Tauntain, and the droids K-3PO and R3-A2 for good measure. Sadly, no Hoth Leia, which is a shame because Hoth Leia is the best.

Although some are bound to be disappointed that the set looks a little too “playset-y” for a high-end Star Wars set—it’s almost like a mashup of a bunch of smaller Hoth sets Lego have released over the years—as an attempt to encapsulate an iconic part of Empire Strikes Back, it does a pretty grand job. Shame they couldn’t toss in an AT-ST or something, but that would make a pricey set even pricier.


Assault on Hoth will be available in April.


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