Lego Would Break the Internet if It Made This Voltron Set

Lego Ideas lets amateur builders not only share their creations with the world, but also have the opportunity for them to be realized as real sets. But each submission needs 10,000 supporting votes before it’s even considered, so let’s make sure this stunning Lego Voltron gets closer to reality.


Not only does len_d69's creation look spot-on, it’s actually assembled from five smaller Lego lions that transform and combine to form the 16-inch tall robot that weighs in at just over two pounds. Any smaller and all the wonderful detailing just wouldn’t come through.

At the moment this Lego Ideas project is over 8,000 votes short of moving to the next round of approval, so if you’re feeling nostalgic for one of the best cartoons of the ‘80s, head on over and vote to give the Defender of the Universe a fighting chance.

[Lego Ideas via Technabob]


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