Lego's Opening a School In Denmark

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You don't realize it at the time, but once you find yourself studying at a place of higher learning, you really miss your younger school days where playtime was actually a part of your daily routine. But imagine what life must be like for students of a school that was built and funded by Lego.


Opening in August of this year, the International School of Billund is part of the Lego company's continued efforts to give back to the country of Denmark, and it will be located near the town of Billund where Lego calls home.

But don't get too excited if you were hoping to send your child there to become a master Lego builder or anything like that. The school will emphasize fun, creativity, and "playful engagement" to help make learning more enjoyable, but it will still follow a standard curriculum. Starting this summer it will accommodate students aged three to seven, with a mix of both local and international applicants, but by 2015 it's expected to facilitate students up to 16-years-old. And it's probably safe to assume the school will have a kickass Lego collection. [International School of Billund via Inhabitots]

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I'm sorry to say, but Jutland is the peninsula (sticking out of Germany) on which Billund (an otherwise small rural town) is situated.