Lenovo Cranking Out Energy Star 4.0 Qualified Laptops Early

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The Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star 4.0 revision hits July 20th, but Lenovo isn't worried about making the cut. Three days before the revision, Lenovo plans to have the T61p, its first Energy Star 4.0 configured machine, out on shelves. The T61p won't skimp on power to save energy, either. It has a suite of features seen across the Lenovo lines before, but never in the same machine: Santa Rosa platform, NVIDIA Quatro FX 570M, a 15.4-inch screen, and ultra-wideband, all for under $2,000. Those specs are an easy way to get us excited about saving energy.


The revision will cut the number of currently Energy Star eligible machines from around 90% to 25%, so performers will be distinguished. The company plans for all of its X-, T-, and R-series machines to get the new Energy Star sticker, as well as any Santa Rosa machine Lenovo makes. Any of its Santa Rosa systems can qualify after a free, simple download, Lenovo says. It looks like Lenovo is taking the revision seriously, which other companies would do well to imitate. [Crave]

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Laptop buyers should note that laptops are very difficult to produce. As a result, their carbon offset quotients are quite high relative to other electronics.

For most ThinkPads, my offset customers usually contribute about $150 to offset the environmental impact of producing their new laptop. MacBooks cost about $100. iPhones cost about $75.

Please make sure you factor the cost of carbon offsetting into your electronics purchases.