Lenovo Lets You Disable Your Stolen Laptop With a Stern Text Message

In the next couple months Lenovo will be rolling out a BIOS update for its Montevina laptop users which enables remote shutdown and subsequent encryption via text message. The tech relies on the laptop having a WWAN connection and activates when a custom string, defined by the user and sent from a single, paired phone, is received. In other words, you can choose whatever you want as the shutdown signal, from a cool "Kill" or "Self-Destruct" to a long, patronizing multi-part message about the thieving youth of today. Constant Secure Remote Disable, as it's called, isn't being touted as a first line of defense. In fact, quite the opposite: "This is kind of like a morning-after pill, I guess" said Stacy Cannady, Lenovo's product manager for security and apparently the only person at Lenovo to miss the company-wide memo about not using awkward reproductive metaphors in PR. The update will be available as a free download for compatible laptops in the next few months. [Crave]


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