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This is the latest laptop from Lenovo. It is being dubbed a "mobile workstation," but then again, what laptop isn't a mobile workstation? If it is portable and allows you to do work, then it is essentially a mobile workstation. Hell, the sudoku I do every morning on the crapper could be considered a mobile workstation.

The model is somewhat impressive—with a very unimpressive price tag. It has 256MB of VRAM, Mobility Fire GL V5200 chipset, 15.4-inch screen, 5-hour battery life, DDR RAM and a 2.0GHz Core Duo processor. There is no set pricing, but the Z61p's brothers, the Z61t and Z61m, carry a $2,000+ price tag, so this will probably linger around that price range, unfortunately.


Lenovo completes trifecta with ThinkPad Z61p [MobileMag]