Lenovo's New Phone Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen

Illustration for article titled Lenovo's New Phone Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen

This, according to Lenovo, is the world’s first laser projection smartphone—and the fact that it recognizes gestures also means that it can turn any surface upon which its images appear into a touchscreen.


PocketLint reports from the Lenovo Tech World conference that the phone, called Smart Cast, features a built-in laser pico projector and a “gesture-based control system.” At the conference, it was used to throw films onto a wall, as well a qwerty keyboard onto a desk and a musical keyboard onto a tabletop, both of which allow the user to interact with them. The phone has a built in kickstand to hold it in place while your hands are busy.

The guys at PocketLint note that there seems to be little latency, which is a very good thing—but that’s about it in terms of details. While it’d definitely a real product, there’s no word on when or where it will be avaialble, let alone mow much it will cost. [PocketLint]


Aw, cute. I recall using a similar projection-keyboard way back in the day. Nice to see old ideas recycled :)