Leopard Got Pirated, Probably

Oopsie daisy! It looks like that developers build of OS X Leopard has made its way into the grabby hands of Internet pirates. It looks like it, at least. There's a torrent on a popular private (well, it was) torrent tracker that has a few hundred people pigpiled on, but because people are too damned impatient to wait for a couple of seeds to get it, they're all waiting and no one has finished downloading it yet. Silly fanboys.

There's certainly a chance that this is a 6GB prank by some cruel jerk who wants to ruin a whole lot of thieving fanboys' day, but it could just as likely be the real deal. And if it is, look for a whole slew of Leopard screenshots in the very near future. Huzzah for the pink underbelly of the Internet!


WWDC Leopard Beta Leaked Onto BitTorrent Site [Crunchgear]

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