Let Plastic2Oil Turn Your Discarded Plastics Into Fuel

Canadian company JBI is setting the recycling industry on fire with its new Plastic2Oil plants that promise to convert non-recyclable plastics into fuel.

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The first plant recently began operation in Niagara Falls, NY and can process 22 tons of plastics per day. The plastic is broken down into its individual hydrocarbon gases which are collected and stored. These gases are then separated into gasoline, diesel, methane, propane and more. Some of the gases are sold and others are used to power the facility.

Not only is the process eco-friendly, it's also incredibly efficient. An 1,800-pound load of plastics can be processed in an hour and almost 90% of the plastic's hydrocarbon content is converted into fuel. The remaining waste, about 2% of the original input, can be landfilled or burned for heat.


JBI is looking to add more plants in the US and is open to running them as joint ventures with other waste management companies. The more the merrier I say as nothing is more unsightly than a dump filled with 50-year plastic. [Gizmag]

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Well gosh, I only bought plastic previously to fuck up wildlife, the ocean, and the surface of the Earth in general... I had no idea I could use it to fuck up the atmosphere too!

Snark aside, how on Earth could this kind of process be called "eco-friendly". How about we try to impede our plastic production/consumption instead of converting it into a different poison?