Let Us Count Some Reasons Why You Won't Want Will.i.am's New Headphones

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Will.i.am has a chequered history of making pieces of consumer technology that nobody really wants. Now you can add to that list a pair of Bluetooth headphones.


Let us count some reasons why you probably won’t want these i.am+ EPs headphones in your life:

  1. They’re styled to look like vinyl records.
  2. Apple explains that there are “engraved messages—‘right and wrong’, ‘left and gone’—tucked behind [the] earpieces to guide proper ear placement.”
  3. We are told on the product page to “listen closely for... will.i.am’s voice when you turn on your EPs or connect to Bluetooth.”
  4. They come packaged with a “special lifestyle booklet custom-made by will.i.am.”
  5. They cost $230.

Well, there are five to be going on with.

There are some redeeming features. They use magnetic clips to snap together (but then, so do plenty of cheap headphones). They’re constructed using metal and woven fabric, so they’ll probably feel quite nice in use. And Apple promises “superior surround sound and deep bass,” though you’ll need to try them out to make sure for yourself.

The headphones are exclusive to Apple. If you want to buy them. You probably don’t.

[Apple via MacRumors]

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Reason number 6, as someone put it, he’s Will.I.Am. That alone is enough to deter any rational human being.

Reason number 7, this abomination. I.Am.Auto. Seriously, I.AM.AUTO! Fuck off already.

There is only one valid reason to like him: he composed Samurai Jack opening theme. So there’s that.