Let's Dissect the Crap Out of This New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Shot

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Here’s the first Korean TV commercial for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s comprised of 95% footage from the first two trailers except that first shot. That first shot is all new, awesome, and packed with little details throughout the frame. Since we haven’t seen it before, let’s see what secrets it holds.

So this is the new shot. It’s the First Order, a reverse shot of this image from the second teaser trailer, seen here.


Back to the new shot, let’s start on stage and work our way back. There are seven people on stage. The two in white on the sides look to be Snowtroopers, heavily influenced by the design work of Ralph McQuarrie (not to be confused with run-of-the-mill Stormtroopers, which you see in the older, reverse shot) It’s also a snowy planet, so Snowtroopers make sense. We also saw them with Kylo Ren in Vanity Fair. Snowtroopers are obviously more accomplished than the usual ones.

The two black figures between them, we don’t know. Obviously less important First Order officers; think the equivalent of Captain Needa. In front of them though, the chrome helmet suggests that’s Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie. And now, if you look at the older shot, you can see that glimpse of chrome on stage, yes? Who could be important enough to stand next to her? Again, hard to say, but some kind of more powerful First Order officer.

At the front of the stage, the posture suggests it’s General Hux, played by Domhnall Gleeson. We believe he’s incredibly big in the Order. To the left and right of the stage there appear to be some hardware. On the right, a black TIE Fighter (which you can see even more clearly in the reverse image). On the left, it’s hard to make out what you’re looking at, it may even be a ship, but when you look at the reverse shot, it’s a stationary gun.


The crowd itself is just ranks and ranks of different Stormtroopers, many of which you see in that previously released image. On the left side, though, about three levels back, there appear to be tank-like ships which seem kind of badass.

Of everything here, the most interesting bit is on the far right, deep into the frame. There are TIE Fighters on each side, that’s obvious enough, but look behind them on the right. Those appear to be some kind of walkers. Kind of a more compact, bulky AT-AT with a huge gun on the end. Or, maybe they are just guns and don’t move.


Then there’s the question of the planet. Seeing a snow planet obviously makes you think “Hoth,” but it’s almost certainly not Hoth, just like the sand planet was Jakku, not Tatooine. It’s gotta be a pretty evil place though if the mass of the First Order is there.

Here’s the official release.


Either way, for a one single shot, there’s a lot of cool shit.