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LG Busts Out Waterproof Cellphone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

LG Telecom in Korea yesterday dried off the canU 502S waterproof cellphone. Developed in part with Casio (cheap keyboards anyone?), the phone is the first truly waterproof cellphone to come out in Korea. LG Telecom spokesman Kang Shin-koo is pretty confident about the phone's ruggedness. Check what he had to say about the canU 502S:

"If dropped in a pool, tub or sink, this phone will survive in roughly thirty minutes since we sealed its tiny crevices with rubber packing,

Hold the phone. Thirty minutes underwater? That's an awesome amount of time to be able to recover your phone and still have it work. The phone is also shock- and weather-proof for the clumsy hikers and exercisers in your family who like to talk while breathing heavily through the mouth. Two big holes for a speaker and the built-in camera module were also specially treated to prevent water from soaking into the handset. Overall, this is a phone designed for the outdoors person who likes to get rough with nature. Now bring it over here, LG, so we can get our greasy little mitts on it.

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