LG Chocolate BL40's Little Brother Outed As BL42 Slider

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Sure enough, that mysterious baby brick sitting next to the stretched-out BL40 is a direct followup to the last generation of LG Chocolates, called the BL42. The 3G slider is rumored to have a 240x320 display and a 5-megapixel camera.


The alleged specs aren't much to get excited about, but make no mistake: This will be a popular phone. It's a proud grandson of the line's earliest models—with a slightly touchier front panel and (barely) tweaked styling—which sold about 10 million handsets worldwide, and continue to do well, despite being, well, old. Its beanpole brother can take care of the innovating; lil' 42 can take care of the money. No price or availability yet. [AllAboutPhones via Slashgear]


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Asian teen report: Desirable, expensive phones are Samsung, LG, and the iPhone.

Cheap, affordable are the various Chinese brands on sale here, and (the low end, presumably) Nokias. Further proof that Nokia is doomed, if any was needed.

LG Chocolate might not be the best, or the most practical, but it's sexy, and on that basis alone will sell like hotcakes.