LG Goes Retro With The Serie 1 CRT TV, Proving 14-Inches Can Be Enough

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On sale in Korea only (someone pass me the tissues, quick), this LG Serie 1 retro TV may not have 1080 lines of resolution or a contrast ratio to make your knees bend, but it's very cute, non?

The screen measures just 14-inches diagonally, in a 4:3 ratio, and as you've probably noticed, LG's used a ye olde CRT for the body—no flat panel 'round here. The antennae and chrome legs finish the retro styling off nicely, as does the glossy orange finish—though it's also available in brown, which would certainly give the M21 a run for its money.

Thankfully it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the similarly-retro styled Brionvega Doney, at 249,000 KRW, or around $216. Better get in touch with a Korean exporting firm. [LG via Retro To Go]