LG HT752TP and HT702TN: New Ninja Announces Home Theater Systems or Something

LG keeps trying to blind the world with their latest models, even when they are not holding phones. This one is holding some kind of Stargate pyramid model made of aluminum, the LG HT752TP. Their latest home theater comes with HDMI, DivX compatibility, electrostatic buttons guaranteed to drive you mad, a USB host port to connect to storage devices and a Virtual Sound Matrix system that can simulate 10.1 sound using its 5.1 speakers. How, do you ask? I don't care, she says so and I take her word for it. The HT702TN does more or less the same, with 700 watts of power. More legs A photo of the HT702TN right after the jump.


Press release [Google translated from korean] [LG]

According to the press release, «this year groove shear sprouting keyword is `designs'»



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