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LG May Sue Samsung After They Used a "Swear Word" to Insult LG's 3DTVs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Do you consider the word "shit" a profanity? LG obviously does, after a Korean Samsung rep apparently called LG "stupid shits," after LG boasted that their 3DTVs are Full HD. As the story goes, the rep went on to add that it was a "lame argument with no theoretical grounds. It's just unreasonable."

Being South Korean neighbors, LG and Samsung are accustomed to plenty of rivalry. But if LG decides to go to court over this verbal insult, it's bound to get messy. LG stated that "there are business ethics and practices to follow even if we are competing with each other over technological standards," adding that "it is very disappointing and unacceptable if an executive at a respected global company humiliated its rival company's employees at an official event hurling a curse." [Korea Herald via TechRadar]