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Stuff an Intel Celeron M430 1.7GHz processor into a 22-inch LCD flat panel, add a 160GB hard drive and WiFi access with a wireless keyboard and mouse, and you have yourself an all-in-one white elephant in your living room from Korean electronics manufacturer LG. The TVPC, as it's called, lets you watch TV and access your PC at the same time. Woopee.

A year from now, we'll be laughing at $2000 all-in-one computer/TV systems like this TVPC series—heck, we're laughing about it now. You can certainly get a better value with separate components. Don't bother with this one, but watch LG, which says it will be rolling out another lineup of its TVPCs with PVR functions and beefier processors later this month. Just in time for Vista. So this is convergence? Hope for better in the coming months.


LG to launch a new 'TVPC' supporting powerful PC performance [AVing]

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