LG Shine Cellphone Sports Shiny Metal Body, Silly Name

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LG already has the "cellphones with stupid names" market corned with the Chocolate, but now it hopes that the Shine will do just as well, if not better. Part of the company's "Black Label" series of pseudo fancy cellphones, the Shine packs a 2-megapixel camera and 1GB of onboard storage space; presumably, you'll be able to add to the storage with the use of memory cards. As the picture so plainly shows, the body is of the shiny metal variety, giving a sort of brushed metal effect that Apple loves to tack onto its applications nowadays. The Shine is also able to set user-recorded video and set it as the wallpaper. Nifty.

If the Chocolate can make it stateside, I don't see why we won't see Shine sometime in the future. LG, just let it ship with a certain buttery beat as a ringtone (think "Shinin'" from Lumines), and this will be a hit.


LG to reveal 'Shine phone' the successor of its chocolate phone [Aving USA]

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