LG Touch Web Cellphone Has 3-inch 800 x 480 Screen, Full Browser

LG are sending some serious touchscreen love to South Korea, all in the form of the Touch Web cellphone, a.k.a. LG-LH2300. The touchscreen wonder has a 3-inch display, with a staggering 800 x 480 resolution, as well as a 3MP camera with AF, MicroSD memory slot and a full internet browser, which has incorporated hot keys and a jog wheel for scrolling. The widescreen toting cellphone is expected to retail for 700,000 KRW ($693,) when it begins to ship this April. At present, the device is a South Korea exclusive and there is no word on a Stateside release as yet, but honestly, we wouldn't hold our breath. [Aving]

earch Icon providing direct access to main portals, Internet hot key and jog wheel.


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