LG's 18-Inch Flexible Display in Action Is What the Future Looks Like

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We only recently learned about LG's new 18-inch flexible display that can roll up like a magazine. It sounds crazy. But seeing it bend and twist in on video makes my heart palpitate.

What we're looking at here is just a demo (discovered by OLED Info) of the tech in a dimmed office office, probably somewhere in Korea. In 35 short seconds, your mind gets bent like the pliable display. How is that even possible? Hey you in the video be careful, please do not snap the largest flexible screen in the world.


As we learned before, the 1200 x 910 OLED prototype is bound together by a film back, which is what allows it to be more flexible than plastic. But even as you're watching someone's carefully trained hands manipulate the screen, it's hard to believe what you're looking at. And that's probably because we're looking at the future. [OLED Info]