Liam Neeson Reading A Monster Calls Just Makes Everything Better

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With the holidays right around the corner, odds are you are feeling a bit stressed out. Maybe you’re busy at work, or worried about shopping, travel, world events, and a million other things. Well, let the sweet, soothing sounds of Liam Neeson make it all better.


In a new video, Neeson reads the first chapter of A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. That may seem random, but Neeson is the voice of the monster in the film version, which opens in limited release this week and everywhere January 6. Here it is.

Damn, Neeson is just the best. I kind of want him to stop acting and just do videos like this, where he reads random shit into a camera for YouTube. Kids books, erotic fiction, doesn’t matter. That raspy, Irish accent makes everything okay.

Oh, and A Monster Calls is pretty good too. Here’s our review.

We’ll have more next week.



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Professor Dog

You know what makes the holidays better? Watching Love, Actually. Except that Alan Rickman is in it and I was sad after watching it because of it.

Also if Liam Neeson and Lance Reddick did book readings I’d buy every one of them. Even if it was just reading the phone book.