The Lian-Li PC-888 is a gargantuan PC case. Gargantuan, I say!

Constructed primarily of blue anodized aluminum, the Lian-Li PC-888 was designed to mimic the shape a sail, but it also exploits the power of wind (not liquid) to keep the interior cool...a feat considering that the case can store 11 different 5.25" drives with removable dust filters. Whatever Lian-Li may say, this thing is not a hardcore gaming rig. It's a server or RAID cabinet disguised in electric blue.


Only 500 PC-888s will be produced and they're expected to cost up to $500 apiece. That's pricey, but there's not exactly a cheap equivalent on the market. I mean, this case's closest analog is probably Dubai's Burj Al Arab. [bit-tech via DVICE]