Libyan rebels turn Power Wheels toy into tiny killer robot tank

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You know the little Power Wheels-style ATV your kid uses to drive across the lawn? it turns out that it makes a great machine gun drone in the hands of Libyan rebel, and structural engineer, Mohammad Bin Saud.

Bin Saud is one of a growing legion of rebel Libyans turning anything and everything — including the aforementioned Power Wheels — into weapons.

As the war in Libya drags on, both the opposition forces and government loyalists have been using whatever tools and ammunition they can scrounge up to kill the other side. For the mostly unarmed Libyan rebels this means snagging guns from downed aircraft and attaching them to trucks.


It also means ingenious inventions like this little sentry robot outfitted with a small cannon and attached to controls via long wire. A solider can hide while he uses a small television and simple controls to move the vehicle and fire the gun. A similar system is also outfitted to a truck with a machine gun on top.

Qaddafi better watch out, even the pacifists are in on it.