Life Beneath the Epitome of Sin

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Las Vegas. A city with enough temptations to make even one week in it tiring for mind, body, and soul. Despite that exhausting nature though, some crave to be there—even if forced to live underneath it all. Literally.


Books have been written about the storm drains below the city of Las Vegas, yet we still don't seem to hear much about the 200 miles of twisting and turning tunnels which have become the home to hundreds and hundreds of people. Photographer Austin Hargrave took a trip through those tunnels and brought back these images of life beneath a city which breathes glamour and power:

The biggest comforts in these tunnels are "makeshift shower fabricated out of an office drinking water dispenser," DIY sinks, the warmth of candles, and the brightness of industrial-sized flashlights. There isn't electricity—running wires through the damp environment would probably be dangerous to begin with—so portable gadgets such as CD players suffice for entertainment.


Such a contrast to the swanky surface life, isn't it? Think of the buildings above those places—casinos, hotels, restaurants—and the millions and millions of dollars switching hands every given moment. Now look at those pictures again.

Viva Las Vegas. [Environmental Graffiti via Dornob]

Photos by Austin Hargrave

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It's stories like these that remind me of what utter scum people can be. What pisses me off is, especially during these rough times, is that there has to be thousands upon thousands of hotels rooms sitting empty above them every night. Yet hotel/casino owners wouldn't think twice to lend a hand to these people and help them get on their feet.