Life, One Minute after a Catastrophic Earthquake

Logan McMillian turned on his videocamera just a minute after his home in Christchurch, New Zealand was ravaged by a 6.3 earthquake. The resulting footage shows the surreal state of affairs moments after everyone's world was literally and figuratively shaken up.


You can donate to the New Zealand Red Cross here. [Gorilla Pictures via Laughing Squid]

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I'm so glad he didn't add any sappy, make-you-feel-sorry music to this, because just listening to the crowds walking by in the midst off all of the destruction as well as the sirens and helicopters and the like, creates a very surreal picture, at least for myself. It felt like watching Cloverfield, right after all of the power goes out; however, knowing this is real just made everything that more intense and heart-tugging.