Light Bulbs Are the Best and Worst Balls For a Newton's Cradle

Newton's Cradle is well-known for its repeating clicks, and gracing the desks of executives everywhere. This fragile, but awesome installation by Yasutoki Kariya changes things up a bit by using light bulbs instead of metal spheres. Surprisingly, they manage not to shatter.

If you're choosing things to bang together, light bulbs should rank pretty low on the list, but shatter-potential aside, watching the light course back and forth through this Newton's Cradle is absolutely mesmerizing.

Named "Asobi" which is Japanese for "play", the installation is a nominee for the 2012 Mitsubishi Junior Designer Award and beautifully visualizes Newton's third law with a little help from Edison. As Redditors suggested, perhaps "Edison's Cradle" might be a more apt name for the piece, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. So long as it stays in one piece, anyway. [My Modern Metropolis]

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Nothing to See Here!

They aren't shattering...because they aren't even touching.

I'm not sure it's the lightbulbs that is the main attraction either; I think electricity is being put through the lightbulbs on the ends as they're in the air, then when they hit that metal thing, they discharge electricity, which then goes through all the other bulbs, then ends up on the other end and pushes the other lightbulb out.