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Obeying our alarm clocks is nigh on impossible, but with the Lightning Alarm Clock the incentive to exit from slumber may be enough to get us out of bed swiftly. The plastic, butt-ugly base containing the clock dial leaves a lot to be desired—until you see the upper half. A glass tube arches across the top housing a Tesla coil, and we all know that Tesla coils have more entertainment value than a small monkey that can dance, sing, act and navigate through a labyrinth whilst blindfolded on a bicycle.


Once the alarm activates the Tesla zaps, crackles and, what the hell, pops, too. The resulting effect looks like something Doc could have used to generate enough gigga watts to put Marty back in 1985. The electricity extravaganza should also be enough to get you out of bed to turn the damn thing off, either that or prepare your pay packet to be expended on one huge-ass energy bill. The shocktastic timekeeper stands 14.5", uses an AA battery, connects to a power outlet to generate the high voltage and retails at $59.95. [Product Page via Sci Fi Tech]


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