The Gadget: Kangaroom's laptop stand and charging station, which offers a ventilated laptop stand as well as two phone/iPod holders so you can have a place to charge your gear without cluttering up your desk. It's even tilted, since many laptop users enjoy typing at an angle.

The Price: $45

The Verdict: We've been fans of Kangaroom's organizational kits for a while now, and this bamboo laptop stand continues their tradition of quality organizational products with a gadgety tint. In this case, this product design combines four good concepts into one useful device.


Laptop stands = useful

• Things made out of bamboo = fun for eco-fetishists and pandas

• Gadget charger dock = good times for gadget-heads

• Ventilated middle = keeps your laptop cool

And all of those features in a sturdily constructed shape means we'd gladly pay the $45 for one of these. It even feels nice when you take it off a desk and put it on your lap, giving a nice bamboo barrier between a hot laptop and your fleshy (uncharred) thighs.