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Lightweight Wheelchair Designed For Man With One Limb

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I can't even imagine what it's like to lose one limb, let along three, but it's reassuring to know that at least there's a wheelchair out there that's suitable for those in a similar situation to Bryan Anderson. UPDATE

As a soldier in Iraq, he lost both legs and his left hand, making it difficult to use your everyday type of wheelchair. Luckily designer Mark Veljkovich created this super lightweight and minimal wheelchair, which allows Bryan to represent Quantum Rehab, a sector of Pride Mobility, traveling the US "delivering his message of perseverance and determination in major rehab facilities."


Stripping back the wheelchair to the bones, you'll notice this design is literally just four wheels, a slim carbon fiber seat and lightweight skeleton. Looks like a work of art to me. [Bryan Anderson via Yanko Design]


UPDATE: The designer and Pride Mobility have both been in touch with me, turns out there was some confusion over this story and it's not actually in production—and Pride Mobility is keen to stress that Bryan doesn't actually use this wheelchair, as he's the spokesman for Quantum Rehab and uses a Liestream Manual chair instead.