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The Special Edition Sidekick 3 by LRG that we saw a few weeks ago, is finally official, and available for preorder on the 30th of October. There isn't any special added functionality, just the same old browser, trackball, 1.3MP camera, instant messaging and killer QWERTY. You're paying, of course, for the camo paintjob. Perfect for hiding and texting in the park, or on hunting trips, or during...war. Or if you're a rapper, since yea, its an LRG design. Tupac and Biggie never would have gotten shot if they'd traded in their chromed out Motorola Startacs for one of these.


But there's a surprise in the form of a black Sidekick 3 LE model by working girl designer Diane Von Furstenberg. This isn't like the other black ones we saw on ebay awhile back, though. This one is jet black with kisses all over the screen. Jump to get the first look at Diane's special kissy face phone.

This image was lost some time after publication.

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