Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cables: There's a Bridge I Want To Sell You, Too

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Lindy is the latest company that's trying to convince consumers that gold-tipped, super-dee-dooper cables will not only deliver better video and audio quality, but they'll also cure your baldness, improve your skin complexion and give you the physique of an Ancient Greek statue. Their Premium Gold HDMI cables feature gold-plated connectors (of course, they're rubbish for the most part, especially over the short distances that most consumers run their myriad cables), triple shielding and RE-BLOK, which is supposed to reduce interference.

These premium cables aren't cheap, either: the smallest, 1.6 feet, cost around $101 while the longest, around 50 feet, cost just over $260. Then again, price gouging in the HDMI cable world is fairly common, as pointed out by our very own Charlie a few months ago.


But hey, buying gold-plated cables helps save the environment.

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