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MicroOptical reasoned that when you watch extended-play video, you'll get tired holding an iPod video at crooked-arm's length for a full episode of The Office. So they designed this VR-looking headset, the MyVu. You plug this in, stow your iPod, and the screen projects as if it were six feet away.

When I tried it, the video looked a touch small, but equitable. But it was fuzzy—I had to take off my glasses. MicroOptical offers prescription inserts for the MyVu, so you can watch in 20/20 and let your friends complain when they try it out.


The MyVu weighs 68 grams and connects via an NTSC port, so it also works with your Archos, Zen, and may make a good camcorder viewfinder. MicroOptical has three more media toys in the works.

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