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For someone who sits in front of his or her computer nearly 12 hours a day and can't get enough of it, the Mac Mini-equipped car is a dream come true. Even when you re out and about on that once-in-a-lifetime grandaddy mission to snag the first Xbox 360 to hit the shelves, you can have your trusty Mac right there by your side. Imagine being able to open iTunes where your nav. system would typically pop up, and then select any song from your library that would then play through your car's stereo system. Or better yet, how'd you like to check your e-mail and surf the net while you're at some truck stop 200 miles from civilization or in the middle of the Mohave Desert? Find out how after the jump...

All of this and more is made possible by 2point5's Mac Mini installation. It's a custom thing and you're going to drop a cool $5K to do it (plus the cost of the Mac mini itself), but c'mon, are Macs really even designed to be installed in cars? Hell yeah, they are.


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