Live or Die? PlayStation Phone

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We've wanted a PlayStation Phone for a long time. Before there was an iPhone or Windows Phone. Now it's real, finally, running Android 3.0 with a multitouch trackpad for joysticks. But in today's world, should it live or die?

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Nothing to See Here!

We've already come to conclusion that it's real? Meh, fair enough. I believe it. The touch controls are stupid. Sony, don't listen to Apple, because Apple are the only ones to make a good touch surface.

It's a shame. I'm not gonna own this, I've already got an iPhone, and I'm gonna keep getting iPhone's for the rest of my life. I have every PlayStation to date. PS2 Slim and Fat. PS3 Slim and Fat. PS1 Slim and Fat. PSP Go, PSP 100 to 3000. Apart from PSX and that little PS1 memory stick that has a small game on it, I've had every version. I'd get this if I didn't have an iPhone.

If they bring it out on PAYG and it isn't too high priced I think I'll get it.

I'll probably just use it as a back-up phone if I run out of minutes on my iPhone.